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Register/Class Descriptions

Level One: ETC Tue, 715-815pm, Summer Session 2018, 8 weeks


DATES: Week of 7/18/18 through week of 8/11/18.

Congratulations! You are well on your way to getting on stage if that is the course you want to be on. If not? Well my dear, you are about to heat up things in the boudoir, that's for sure. Now we take the moves and reveals from L1M and L1P and work on entering your stage or dance space, creating longer dance combinations, smooth out transitions from one move to the next and conclude your dance with a smoldering pose or exit from the scene, leaving them breathless.

Bring your 'gig bag' each week and wear comfy, form-fittend workout attire with legit dance shoes as discussed in L1M & L1P. This session moves fast with a lot of useful information and drilling at home is almost a must if you wish to elevate your smolder game. Regular attendance is important and week one is of particular importance. At 2 absences you may need to schedule a private for catch up or repeat the session. Speak with your instructor.

Once you register, about a week prior to classes you will be emailed a confirmation as well as a list of what to bring to classes, what to wear, where to park and what to expect. Want the info sooner? Email us and we are happy to share, upon request, once your registration has been received.

Open minds are welcome in our non-judgemental space for safe expression through the sensual art of burlesque and dance.

The fine print:

Registrations are non-refundable regardless of reason. Once we recive tuition, funds are dispersed to cover operating costs of the business. Registrations can not be held to a later date. If you pay for classes and then can not attend, you may gift your spot to a friend.

Registration from mobile phones sometimes doesn't work so use a PC when possible.

Do you understand this is non-refundable and cannot be held to a later date or used as credit for another class?

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