Studio VaVaVoom LLC

825 East McKellips Road Unit#1 Tempe AZ 85281  

FEMMEpowerment (c) 2017 is Studio VaVaVoom's newest endeavor, blending two passions:

Empowering women by fostering body positivity through burlesque (the glitter) with getting tough and confident in the outdoors by hiking, climbing and camping (the dirt) for a killer sense of accomplishment. *There is no burlesque involved in the FEMMEpowerment events. 

My Story: 

I am known in the burlesque community as Mizz Lucy Morals (pun intended) and in real life my name is K-Lee. In November of 2014 I realized my 14+ year relationship was on it's way to finished and in April 2015 my ex and I split. While the decision to end our go-nowhere relationship was mine, my heart was splintered into a zillion pieces for something we couldn't fix. My forever...was not. 

In addition to losing my relationship, I had, over those 14.5 years begun to lose myself and didn't know who I was anymore. I just knew I wasn't who I wanted to be. 

I was unhealthy and on a litany of OTCs and prescribed medications. I also imbibed heavily (aka partied my face off) and smoked. Over the course of the next 2+ years I began to hike as a means to mend a broken heart, crying atop small mountains, crunching out my anger into loose rocks, breathing deep the fresh air of freedom and renewal. In the process of piecing myself back together, I began to shrink a bit. Due to the physical shift and my growing self-confidence (it's amazing what figuring things out in nature will do for your sense of self!) I wanted more. So I emptied out the medicine cabinets, the junk food cupboards, the packaged food freezer and my carb-heavy refrigerator to change up the fuel I was pouring into my new body. I also literally flushed 8 different medications down the toilet in December of 2015, some of those were meds I was told I NEEDED to stay alive. 

With each venture into nature I learned more about myself and my esteem grew. I felt powerful and strong. I didn't want to erase that by putting garbage into my new body or by fogging up my brain. 

  Back at my dance studio I kept wondering how to blend my two passions- Body Positivity and Feminine Empowerment through burlesque (the glitter) with the Strength, Confidence and Esteem gained through my nature adventures (the dirt). 

And finally in January 2017 the idea evolved, light bulbs went off and 

FEMMEpowerment: Glitter meets Dirt, was born. 

The maiden voyage was Saturday March 4th, 2017 and was well-received with outstanding feedback. It was the first of a series of events helping women to see their potential for beauty, strength, and confidence by blending my two favorite things- glitter and dirt! 

 Side effects include: The urge to smile, occasional feelings of badassery, moderate sweating, feelings of euphoria and growing camaraderie. You should seek advice from Doc Nature about these lasting effects.